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Get the right people for the job.

First Choice Employment uses an extensive network of candidates and picks out the most qualified candidate for the job through our profoundly effective recruitment process. Having the right person helps increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace resulting in clear tangible benefits and raise in profits. Our process is fast and will help get the right people available and ready to work in no time so you won’t lose money.

Excellent Candidate Selection

First Choice Employment keeps it’s standards high by only providing the best workers for the job to help optimize efficiency. Don’t waste time by considering unfit candidates, our rigorous recruitment process from sourcing and interviewing to tailored orientations will help eliminate unqualified candidates. Our effective screening process carefully examines the individuals work ethics, qualifications, experience, and skill. Additional background screening is available at client request so their is no error in the hiring process.

Flexible Options

First Choice Employment adapts to your companies needs, not the other way around. Whether it would be a fast short-term placement or long-term candidate hiring, our flexibility will help ease workflow to get the job done right.

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Aim for steady growth for your business.


First Choice Employment provides clear-cut tangible benefits by saving unnecessary costs and burdens on your company. These savings result in profit that can be put towards expanding and maintaining your company. Our efficient workers, carefully selected and derived through recruitment screening processes, will help increase workflow, productivity, and efficiency that will save time and cut budget.

Tangible Benefits:

Through First Choice Employment , visible tangible benifits and profit increases are followed by our services. We eliminate costs incurred through idle labour for our clients to allow resources to be allocated in more necessary places. Below is an example of the percent difference of per hour cost between direct hiring by client and hiring through First Choice Employment .

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Get the First Choice Advantage

First Choice is built with a team of professionals with only one goal in mind: client satisfaction. We pay careful attention to strengthening the relationship with our clients and focus on long-term work and efforts. We build our relationships on the basis of trust and honesty to help ensure our work experience is prolonged and result-driven.

Goal Oriented Methods

At First Choice, we don’t simply want to provide workers. We will work harder to carefully select only the best workers to help get the job done cost-effectively. We plan out goals and set milestones to achieve them and help track our progress as we worked towards the set goal. We work for steady growth of your business and develop strategic plans to help execute the process.


Our flexible options are built to adapt to the situation as the market fluctuates. We develop short-term, strategic blueprints to cope with any changes in situation and maintain the essential steady growth that is the core of our business model.


We believe the key to success is to focus on the minor details and execute them with order and efficiency. By doing so, these small savings in time, capital, and resources will help result in vast growth in your business as they add up.



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