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How we recruit?

First Choice offers unique job opportunities to job seekers; The first step to get a job through one of First Choice Employment’s many client opportunities is to submit your resume. You can do this through our web site, or by fax to our local branch listed in the Contact Us sect ion. Our excellent recruitment process will help find the match to fill the job as we find only the most qualified, hard-working manpower in our large database selection. Our tailored orientation and interviewing process picks-out the most cost effective worker for the job, based on experience, work-ethics, and qualification.

Why First Choice Employment?

First Choice Employment continues to innovate the recruitment service as we utilize
technology and team effort to bring success to our clients. We emphasize the role of efficiency of both time and capital and the correct management of resources to correct weaknesses and strengthen the effort for steady growth. We focus on planning and setting goals to help keep on track and learn to track progress as we continue to increase capital and efficiency in your company.

Save money, Increase Profits

Through First Choice Employment, we ensure savings of costs incurred by idle labour, resulting in tangible benefits and visible profit increase.First Choice offer customers a one-stop solution for recruitment, creating cost and time saving efficiencies as well as reducing the client suppliers through a single point of billing. First choice offers Managed Service solutions which can be tailored according to the needs of each individual company and the type of staff they are seeking to recruit. By avoiding certain costs and fees by direct hiring, First Choice will aid in company growth as we take the burden off of your HR department.

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